Scaley Friend Up For Adoption

Scaley Friend Up For Adoption

Last night this little guy was dropped off, and we’ve been tasked with finding him a new home! If you’ve been finding yourself wishing for a reptilian companion, testament to your general badassery, or just for your pants to stop falling down, this lil dude may be a perfect addition to your family (and wardrobe).

Wrap him around your 36” – 40” waist and enjoy the comfort of having your pants held up by an Actual Cobra™! Drape him over your shoulders and use his red eyes to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies! Stop using your terrible pick-up lines and have this guy act as a conversation starter instead! Escape the horrible loneliness of the void by enjoying the eternal embrace of this reptilian corpse giving you a big ol’ scaley hug!

This lil guy is super well behaved, and would be excellent in a home with or without children / other pets. I’ve been calling him Percy, but I’m sure he’d respond well to any name. (I mean, not literally, but he probably would if he could!) Come pop by the store and meet our resident reptilian, who is available with an adoption fee of only $45! (Cage and food not included).

36” – 40” Waist

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