Vanson Chopper Jacket

Vanson Chopper Jacket

(( EDIT: we sold this lovely jacket on Mar 11. But we have another Vanson Highwayman jacket in a 48 TALL! ))

The folks at Vanson, a company famous for racing leathers and making jackets only out of very very vigorously healthy cows, have outdone themselves with this one.

This model is known as the Chopper. Bought from Vanson directly, it would go for $1131 CAD before duty and taxes. But we can do better than that for you with this almost unworn jacket.
Right here right now, it’s $739 and dropping.

The leather is gleaming black, thick, flexible and smooth/fine-grained. The jacket is heavy and somewhat stiff. It’s going to rely on you to break it in a bit and then keep it for a lifetime of use.

Size 42 or Men’s Medium (seems to fit almost true to size, except for being a bit taller and broader in the shoulder than is strictly standard)
Item 11421

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