Vanson Highwayman Jacket Tall

Vanson Highwayman Jacket Tall

They say the best things come in pairs – and this is the second Vanson beaut to come in recently. The former sold almost immediately so if you’re a fan of Vanson Leathers, act sooner than later!

Have you been weeping silently, waiting for that perfect, extra tall jacket to arrive? Never fear, we’ve got it here!

This recently arrived Vanson Highwayman jacket is a gorgeous piece of work, with buttery black, thick, flexible and smooth/fine-grained leather. Quilted lining and brass hardware for that extra oomph.

Best fit for a size 46-48 tall, it’s got the added length you’re looking for.

Bough directly from Vanson, this jacket would go for around $1080, but we’re selling ours for $665!

Rerides Item no. 11476



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