Crashin’ The Fashion!

Crashin’ The Fashion!

Don’t forget we have an entire back section of the shop where you can pick up unique fashion apparel!

A whole slew of different jackets, one-off customs, and vintage specials that are just waiting for  a certain someone who wants to expand their eclectic wardrobe!

Clothing from all across the spectrum that highlights just how individual people can be… cool!

Drop in and check out what we got – like this super rad leather hoodie from Ark Clothing! Most of the staff have tried this one on but alas not the right fit… but maybe for you?

Come say hey! We love company!

* * * * * THIS IS AN ARCHIVED POST * * * * * *

A blog is like a diary. Just like your diary, this post captured a moment in time, but the item shown has VERY probably moved on long ago.

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