We Love Vintage Vibes!

We Love Vintage Vibes!

It’s always cool when pieces of Vancouver’s Leather History come through the shop, like this 70’s Jacket by Gastown Talk LTD. The leather is aged and thick and has the look of 100’s of untold stories from bombing around Vancouver.

If vintage vibes and clothing with a story are your thing than come into the shop and check out this one – but don’t forget about our entire Vintage/Antique/Retro Jacket Cage! Some of em date back to WWII and it’s always rad to shuffle through em and try on your fave while imagining who owned it first and what kind of life they lived in it!

History! Love it!

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A blog is like a diary. Just like your diary, this post captured a moment in time, but the item shown has VERY probably moved on long ago.

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