All Norton, All The Time!

All Norton, All The Time!

Kit yourself out in both these fantastic pieces!

Norton Leather was founded in the UK way back in 1898, and continues to produce top-notch pieces inspired by today’s motorcycling culture and fashion.

Our Norton leather jacket is styled after a classic biker. Beautiful thick, black leather with orange detail on the front pocket, collar, lower back, and belt. It also features Norton’s name in orange leather lettering across the back. So incredibly spiffy, with just a touch of rock n’ roll! This jacket features several zippered front pockets, a half belt, and all the excellent fit and function we’ve come to associate with Norton Leather.

This jacket is a best fit for someone with a 42″ chest (men’s Medium), and is priced at $234. Rerides Item no. 11495

Pair it with Clarks limited-edition “Norton Rise” 12-hole lace up leather boots. Fantastic function and styling make these guys the perfect boot for riding, or casual cruising around town. Made from premium, thick black leather, this pair is in brand-new condition, having barely been taken out of the box. As a limited edition model, the “Norton Rise” is no longer being made, and currently retails new for $280 CAD.

Our pair is a best fit for a 43 Euro foot (men’s US 10, or women’s US 11.5). Priced at $259. Rerides Item no.13836

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