Come to East Side Re-Rides to find a friend

Come to East Side Re-Rides to find a friend

Hullo! Schott Perfecto, meet Vanson Comet. Vanson, meet Schott. You two have so much in common; I know you’ll have tons to talk about! Tons of adventures to plan! I bet some humans will be coming to join the group soon, so be sure to say hi. 🙂

Enjoy the riding weather and good friendship, everyone.

( For those looking for info on these exact jackets on this exact date: The Schott is a Perfecto 125 in naked leather, fits 42 – 44, current price $647, stock #19032. The Vanson is a Comet fitting 36 – 38, short-bodied, masculine cut. Currently at $388, stock #19235. )

Friends forever....

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