The Heavy Leather Jacket

The Heavy Leather Jacket

Some leather-working genius must have loved someone a great deal, because they made them a jacket to protect them against everything the world could throw at them. The full-thickness pebbled hide is soft, thick and flexible. The braid details and full belt styling are faaaancy.

It’s heavy. I mean, really really heavy. Come to try it on. Bring a forklift. 🙂

Sized Men’s LARGE, 44 – 45 inch chest.

Item 22293. Starting at $429.

Stats: The jacket weighs over 15lbs by our guess (we passed it around wonderingly, and have made a game of getting unsuspecting folks to pick it up). It is 27″ torso length, measures 45″ across the chest, and 44″ around the waist when side lacing is laced tight (add about 2″ of extra waist room when unlaced).

Condition: The jacket has no major flaws. There are some very minor signs of wear/patina externally. Some of the zipper pulls have been replaced. On the yoke at mid-back/shoulder height there is a minor nick (shallow; not full thickness). The liner is perfect as far as we can tell.

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