Shipment of goodies arrived

Shipment of goodies arrived

I just unpacked a gobsmack’s worth of goodies, some second-hand, some new, some vintage, some new-old deadstock:

  • 20 pairs of leather pants (dressy to racing to jean style to fetish style)
  • 4 jackets (Hein Gericke, Unik Premium, and a great old cafe racer in a large size)
  • 12 vests, from XS to XXXL
  • 9 pairs of chaps
  • 41 pairs of boots, from Dehner cop boots (2 pairs!) to Frye harness boots to New Rocks and everything in between
  • spanking new regular bandanas, including the popular half-skull face
  • 141 vintage 70s new-deadstock multi bandanas of a surpassing beauty and rarity

Come and get into ’em. If you buy a thing before I have to write up a dang tag for it, I’ll give you 5% off.



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