Buncha fetishy leathery gear just flooped in.

Buncha fetishy leathery gear just flooped in.


If you’re manly shaped, with a size 32 pant, size 12 feet, and a medium-large men’s jacket size, medium size head, and like your leather gear, you’re in luck! A leatherman just dropped off a nice collection of new or barely worn boots, shirts, jackets, pants, chaps, gauntlets, caps, and other wee things.

Langlitz cap

Muir cap

Wesco Boss boots, worn once

Grinders 20 hole boots, worn once (with box)

Demonia 20 (maybe more?) hole boots, worn never (with box)

Mr S chaps, plus two more pairs of custom bar chaps (21 to 22 inch thigh)

Expectations men’s leather t-shirt, zip closure

Sam Browne-style police uniform belt with shoulder strap

Triumph motorcycle jacket, classic style, black leather, armourable.

and more….



Here’s pics of just a few of things. Now back to tagging and putting them out!


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