Grease me up Scotty!

Grease me up Scotty!

Leather is a finicky material. It wears beautifully, contours to the shape of the body, holds up its end of the bargain in terms of safety, and looks darned stylish. But what if you get caught in a rainstorm?

When leather gets wet it removes some of the natural oils that are present in the leather that make it smooth and supple. With the oils gone, the leather fibers get hard and brittle and eventually deteriorate.

Enter: Huberd’s Shoe Grease and Saddle Soap! The shoe grease not only smells amazing, it provides a waterproof barrier between water and your leather and keeps it dry. Use it on jackets as well and really work it into the seams for waterproof goodness. If you do get wet? Use a bit of the saddle soap on your leathers. This will remove the stains that arise from the leather once it dries and it will recondition the leather by adding some of the oils back in.

These things are fantastic and will help keep your leather conditioned and loved for many years to come.

Little bit o' love
Before and After

Saddle Soap: $12.49/bottle
Shoe Grease: $13.99/can

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