Cometh! Before Pride Goeth!

Cometh! Before Pride Goeth!

Gay Pride!

Gay Pride in Vancouver used to be a riot, then it was a parade, then it was a weekend, and nowadays it’s a two week ongoing festival of loosely affiliated events that run the gamut of queer art, queer life, queer drag, queer dancing, and queer kink.

If you like to dress up all fancy for Pride events (I know I do), and you haven’t got every bit of your outfits all nailed down…well, I have an inkling of where you might be able to find some neat outfits. Yes, it’s here; I know that was the most suspenseful reveal ever.

Pre-Pride shopping is already getting busy, so bring me your gear that you aren’t wearing this year, and pick up something new to you!

Here’s a teeny tiny selection of some sweet wardrobe items that you could be Pride.. er… proud of:

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