Ombooty Handmade Exotic Leathers

Ombooty Handmade Exotic Leathers

Maybe you found yourself in the desert this past week. You went to Burning Man for the first, or fifteenth time. All of the fabulous people, art exhibits, technology, and costumes. Well this post is for you.

But maybe you didn’t go to Burning Man this year but stayed home to practice your fire poi, fire hoop, fire sticks, or fire cannons for next year. This post is also for you people.

Or instead, maybe you found yourself at a Renaissance festival. All the authentic food, dance, and once again, costumes! All natural materials teeming with authenticity. This post is also for all of you.

Or maybe again, you were with your dance troupe doing a modern art piece that studied the connection to the animal world or the natural world. All the practice, getting ready for the performance, and still needing costumes. Guess what. This is your post too.

A supplier called Ombooty brought in some of the most amazing and beautiful exotic leatherwork. There is goat leather, bull frog, cayman, cow, and bass fish just to start. The artistry is unbelievable and the attention to detail is to die for. When you put it on, it warms to you and feels like a second skin. You can move, breath, and experience life in this clothing and look stylin’ doing so. We have bras, booty shorts, femme vests, and crop tops in an assortment of colors and a variety of small sizes. They are all made by hand and have the most amazing feels.


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A blog is like a diary. Just like your diary, this post captured a moment in time, but the item shown has VERY probably moved on long ago.

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