Sunshine-coloured eyewear

Sunshine-coloured eyewear

Foggy days are coming fast, and that can feel kind of sad. Of course, sad is in the eye of the beholder.

When we’re regarding a thing with boisterous optimism, people say we’re looking through rose-coloured glasses. But it turns out that rose-coloured glasses aren’t that good for looking at the world. Everything turns a kind of dingy pink. Rose-coloured glasses ain’t the thing.

Enter the amber lens: your own little piece of sunshiney day that you carry in your pocket against the gloomy weather. Yellow lenses increase contrast, and protect your eyes without darkening the world around you.

Delighted with the cheerful bright yellow, I was about to call them pee-coloured glasses, but my employees absolutely forbid it. Therefore I started calling them beer-coloured glasses. That also didn’t fly. Big-Bird-coloured glasses? Banana or buttercup colored glasses? Damn.

Fine. Sunshine-coloured glasses and goggles. Amber-lensed eyewear that will make everything kind of cheerful and a bit clearer. Lots of types and styles. Mostly from between $12 and $19.

Also, or course, clear lens and smoked lens and mirrored lens. But those glasses are another story for a different time.



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