Author: <span>Elaine</span>

Consignment re-opening April 15th!

Online sales are working (Muppet flail of happiness; tell all your friends about us), so we’re restarting our acceptance of consignment. Everything is different about our method though, so please read up! TLDR; By appointment only, drop it off curbside in packages, and there’s a built-in 3 day delay in …

Covid-19 Statement (March 15th version)

We have been monitoring the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus since cases started presenting in Canada, and in mid-February began a system of extra-rigorous handwashing, and ongoing rounds of disinfecting surfaces, doorknobs, keypads, and devices. We’re continuing to pay VERY CLOSE attention to the developing pandemic, and will keep folks …

Sorry folks! We’ve gotten so many things in, we don’t ever know where we’re posting the mugshots! Look on @reridesinventory for mugshots, and here for (mostly) the more entertaining stuff. :-)

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