Now’s the time to trade out these laces on my Wesco boots

This morning was busy in the store, but then we hit a real lull around lunchtime.

“Great!” says I to myself “Now’s the time to trade out these too-short stock yellow laces on my Wesco boots for some nice long black East Side Re-Rides custom-made ones.”

So I hops out of my boots and whips the yellow laces out of them, standing in my sock feet…. and the entire Christmas rush happened right then. The whole world showed up to shop, and even some more consignment came in. No time to get all that lacing done!

Feel free to imagine me swooshing madly around the store in my socks for a few hours, talking to folks and trying to pretend that, yes, I always mind the store in fuzzy wool socks. What of it?

Finally my new laces are in! I like black much better than yellow. via