Pierre Paris & Sons Vintage Logging Boots

I love it when boots come in with a local history lesson. A pair of Pierre Paris logging boots came in today and I set to research all I could about the local brand. Here’s what I found:

Pierre Paris & Sons was a shoe and boot company founded in Vancouver in 1907. They made boots specifically for the logging industry that was booming in Vanouver at the time. They had a shop located on East Hasting Street that was both factory and commercial. Their success and fabulous reputation continued for 60 years.

Pierre Paris in front of his store

In the 1970s, the well known Dayton Boot Company bought the rights to make Paris Boots. The building was sold and Pierre Paris & Sons was recreated into Paris Orthotics, which still runs out of Kitsilano to this day. The beautiful building on Hastings has now been turned into condos and is lovingly referred to as the Paris Block. You can even still see some of the old signage on the front!

New condos in the same building.
New condos in the same building.

What this all means is that these beautiful boots are vintage from the 70s making them over 40 years old! They’re in fabulous condition and still pack a mighty wallop!