Thanks to good friend and part-time store-minder River Tucker for giving me a hand yesterday to re-organize the store to fit in the new rack for the new stuff coming in!  Drop in and tell me what you think.

Running a store catering to motorcycle riders is like running a whorehouse — a fair percentage of the time you can hear your customers coming.

No labour for Elaine on Labour Day (weekend hours are…)

Hullo, folks. Hours for this upcoming Labour Day weekend are as follows: Saturday    10 – 6 Sunday       so totally closed Monday     so totally closed Tuesday     11 – 6 and of course regular hours thereafter. There will be mondo BBQing. I will think of you all fondly. – Elaine

Dropped the 3-hole punch & bottom came off. Confetti everywhere. Fuck it. I’ll tell everyone who comes in that there’s been a wedding.

Online Store, maybe

While a great deal of our items will not be available online, I’m thinking of making a few things available for online purchasing. (Especially those items which are new, and which we have multiples of.) Watch this space, as they say.