Consignment – The Pandemic Method

Consignment is much more complicated during the pandemic, as we strive to protect the health of the folks who work here. Thank you for your patience with the process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

(TLDR; By appointment only, drop it off curbside in packages, and there’s a built-in 3 day delay in processing.)

Step One: Set aside your consignment items for us. Consider each one carefully.

We have no easy method for returning things to you that we can’t consign because they’re not suitable, so really check that things are 100% functional (zippers! snaps! straps! liners!), and completely clean and without any kind of scent, and that they are indeed the type of thing we are willing to accept. We beg you to read this part one more time, because we’re receiving a lot of unsuitable items and the return process is a real bugger and eats up our precious hanging space.


At this decision-making stage, if we aren’t staring at the item in person, we can’t quote you the exact price we’d sell your item for, but we can give you a range we’d sell it within, and that will let you plan. Call us or email us for a walk-through of percentages and selling prices.

Step Two: Make a record

Make a list for your own records of what you’re sending.  You could do a detailed list — or the easiest thing might be to shoot a pic (with a steady hand in very good light) of each item you’re sending along. (We’ll be sending you an itemized list later, so don’t worry if you just can’t get to this step.)

Step Three: Wrap it up! (Important)



We can’t accept loose items at this time.

Items have to be in a box or a bag –or multiple boxes or bags. The bags or boxes have to be loosely close-able, without items sticking out the top like a giant bunch of flowers, or spilling out.

We LOVE cardboard boxes and clear plastic lawn bags the best, but we’re okay with whatever you have, as long as it’s holding the items. No need to tape things like an overseas package — we just need to be able to stack the packages carefully without losing any of the contents.

Once more, we can’t accept loose items at this time.

Step Four: Label the bags and boxes

Please include your contact info in some way with every bundle, not just one bag or box.

Here’s the minimum info we need: Name, Phone, and Email.

PLEASE print clearly. DO NOT give us this kind of thing:

Step Five: Make an appointment

We’re accepting consignment Wed – Sat, 12pm – 5pm, but please tell us in advance when you’ll be bringing it so we’re sure to be present (instead of, like, digging in the storeroom for 20 minutes looking for an exact shade of sunglasses for someone).

We don’t need an exact appointment, just a ballpark like “this Wednesday after 3pm”, or “shall I arrive 20 minutes from now?”.

** If you can’t bring it during those times, or can’t bring it at all and need a pickup, get in touch and we’ll work something out.

604-327-7433 or

Go ahead and get it to us. We’re at 221 East 16th Ave in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

We’ll eventually need ALL your information, like your name-to-write-cheques-to, phone, email, mailing address, and whether you like to be paid by cheque, etransfer, or gift certificate, but don’t worry — we’ll email you for all that if you don’t include it. Just make sure we have Name, Phone and Email to start with.

Step Six: The Pause to Disinfect

Three days. We’ll take your items to a quiet holding spot in the store, stack it neatly unopened, and walk away. We will ignore it for an entire three (3) days. This is a median best guess for how long the virus that causes Covid19 will live on fabric.

Please don’t be insulted, but right now we must assume that nothing is virus-free out in the world, and the business can’t run if we’re sick, so we’re extra cautious.

We will not hurry the process.

After three days, we’ll go ahead and…

Step Seven: The Contract

East Side Re-Rides (that’s us!) will unpack, count, evaluate each item, write it up with a description and a suggested selling price, and snap a picture of each piece. We’ll email you a copy of the proposed contract, which you can look over. We make adjustments if we need to.

Once it’s finalized, give us the go-ahead, and we tag and get things out on the floor and up into the online store, ready to meet their eventual new owners.

Final step: We send you money as items sell

In the first week of any month, we do an accounting of all sales in the preceding month, and produce cheques (or e-transfers or gift certificates) for consignors whose items have sold in that time frame, according to the percentage of the selling price the consignor is getting.

Cheques can be picked up, but if not we’ll mail things out, usually by mid-month.

That’s it!