East Side Re-Rides

eGift Cards for East Side Re-Rides

Some days you just want to buy gift cards – for others or yourself – while relaxing in your own home, so the recipient (ps you deserve a gift too!) can use them any time. Sometimes when you’re social distancing and self-isolating, that’s the best method of all!

Buy ’em Here

East Side Re-Rides E-Gift cards

Whack the image of the card with your clicker finger, and give the gift of way more than motorcycle apparel and hot leathers.

Purchasing gift cards helps small businesses (like us) keep afloat during very hard times (hint: that’s now). Every dollar helps us keep the lights on so we can bounce back after a crisis, like, say, a pandemic. We are truly, truly grateful for your purchase!

Details, please!

We use our own shopping cart system to manage the gift cards, and it’s super easy. Buy Gift Cards of any denomination, and they are instantly sent by email. You (or your gift recipient) can use the e-cards to buy things in our online store (using the telephone confirmation method), and ALSO in the brick-and-mortar real life store.

 Fine print: Spend all or part, as the remainder will be kept as an ecard balance to be used again. Our cards can be used for all East Side Re-Rides stock.

SquareUp Gift Card from the past?

If you have one of the original pre-2021 eGift cards from Square, you can easily use those by arrangement. Make your order online and pick “Other payment method”, and then shoot us an email about it.