East Side Re-Rides

Film and Television Costume and Wardrobe Rentals

All store-owned stock (is available for daily, weekly or monthly rental for costume / wardrobe needs, whether in Vancouver’s film industry, television, or small indie productions. East Side Re-Rides has an ever-changing selection of :

Motorcycle gear (helmets, jackets, pants, vests, chaps, leather and textile, etc)

  • classic biker
  • racer
  • street bike / touring
  • motocross
  • vintage

Fetish gear

  • uniforms
  • black leather everything

Boots (brand new or full of character)

  • racing / mx / touring
  • cowboy
  • linesman / logger
  • fetish / goth
  • engineer / harness


  • bandanas and wristbands
  • motorcycle luggage
  • hats

Come in and see what I’ve got, and we can talk about how dang reasonable my rates are.

Rentals are not available to the general public. Unless you seriously butter me up.