01740 ICON Death or Glory leather jacket

Now, this little number is for the rider who wishes to stay anonymous, to blend seamlessly into a crowd, to remain unnoticed. It’s almost like spy-wear; it’s that subtle.

Okay, perhaps I misspoke.

This is a freaking immaculate white leather jacket with all armour / lining / decor  intact. Grown heterosexual men have been known to weep at its beauty. Grown women have been known to turn to their weeping husbands and say “But honey, isn’t it a little… flashy?”

Yeah, it’s a lot flashy. Isn’t that why you want it?

When you can find this jacket, it retails for $650 – $695 US. Luckily you can come get it from me for under $250. Okay, just under $250.

Actually, $249.

Size XL