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Leather & Uniform Fetishists – heads up!

For folks who like masculine-style leather fetish apparel and uniforms, and have a waist size of 30 – 34, I just rec’d a carload of the most astonishingly lovely clothing. Impeccable tailoring, glove-soft leather items, vintage, jodphurs, pants, leather jeans, dress shirts, full-sleeve leather shirt, sam browne police belt with handcuff holder and gun holster, camo leather pants (!), plus three full, complete, entire dress uniforms including a 1958 red mountie uniform. And way more. There’s so much goodness I’ll be all day just tagging it. There’s a very nice gent who’s sad to part with it all, so run over here and buy some things so I can send him some cheques to make him feel better.

4 thoughts on “Leather & Uniform Fetishists – heads up!

  1. Did you sell the vintage RCMP uniform? If you think it might fit me I definitely want it.

  2. The Mountie uniform, etc, collection sounds fabo. Congrats on getting your hands on it!

  3. Love the Mountie Jacket….what size is it?

  4. That’s awesome!!! I’ve been trying to get my hands on a mountie uniform, you found a real keeper there.

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