Belstaff Trailmaster Waxed Cotton jacket and pants, vintage riding gear

Here’s a lovely high-end vintage piece for the tall size 44 rider. The Belstaff brand, founded in 1924, showed that the Brits were well onto the fact that riding without protection could give you a stiff upper lip. They’re famous for quality gear!

You have to touch this set to really get this, but it feels as if you could shower ducks on its glossy waxed surface and not get wet.

Vintage 1970s, very good shape.

Currently priced at $455 for the suit, which is a steal. Not a literal steal. That’s metaphorical. Stock #02647


Steve McQueen wears a Belstaff jacket during a cross-country motorcycle race across the Mojave Desert in 1963. Photograph: John Dominis/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Belstaff research? Why yes….