Uniform madness

Halloween is coming up, so here’s a bunch of military / police uniform things, just arrived today, that might give you an idea of who you’re going to be. Form up and march over to try some things on! For details, check the table after the gallery.

bulgarian MILITARYrubber overcoatMilitariakhakiOtherxl60.008240
germanJACKETMilitariawhiteTextile44 -- lrg mofficer's dress white uniform german. Summer uniform. Fancy buttons.30.008241
policeadmiral bandleader style JACKETMilitariablueTextileXL - XXLsourced from gettysburg, USA169.008242
swedishJACKETMilitariakhakiTextile40ish (tagged 46 european)65.008243
canadianJACKETMilitariablackTextile42 - 44commissioners jacket, daywear65.008244
danish or norwegianOVERCOAT giant woolMilitariakhakiTextile44 lrg89.008245
west germantank coverall one pc suitMilitariakhakiTextile44built-in leather holster. Hidden Shoulder handle75.008246
USJACKET (like tuxedo tux tails jacket)MilitariablueTextile40ROTC dress uniform from pennsylvania. Spare fancy button85.008247
RCAF1959 vintage JACKETMilitariablueTextilesm mensall buttons and stitching intact85.008248
10-X sporting goodsshooting JACKETMilitariatanTextile42shooting pads59.008249

ps: We’re moving! Jan 9 2016!