Four Oh! Four

We streamlined for the Pandemic

We’re sorry, if you’ve lost something it’s our fault.

We made an abrupt switch from being a brick & mortar local store to a consignment eCommerce powerhouse (*ahem*) and in so doing archived a bunch of chatty pages.

If it’s still here and you hope to find it, the search box in the top menu might help. (gestures apologetically)

Online Shopping is here!

smack me with your clicker finger

We’ve opened an online store (WOOT! EXCITE!) and have managed to upload every consignment item in the store for you to peruse online.

New/retail stock is coming up soon — we’re madly counting inventory as we get ready to upload.

We are offering personal delivery if you’re close enough, and shipping if not. Curbside pickups of purchases are also available. And of course we have a return policy now, so you can be sure you’re keeping only the right thing.

Thanks for your patience in this difficult time, folks.