Racing Underwear! Sort of…

Racing Underwear! Sort of…

Motorcycles can go really, really fast. It’s part of the fun. However, it’s much more expensive and dangerous to go really, really fast on public roadways. So, many riders look for track days, where a closed course is provided for them to go a little nuts. Safely of course.

However, when you fall off a motorcycle on a track or on a road, the result is not pretty either way. That’s why one of the requirements for high level riding on tracks is a full leather suit that can protect you when you take spills onto the asphalt.

They look kinda like this:

Awesome, right?

Have you ever tried getting on one though? I’ve tugged a few people out of suits when they get stuck, and that’s just in the store! Add post-track, adrenaline-infused, sticky, sweaty skin to that mix? You’ve created a leather glue that doesn’t want to be removed without a dremel tool.

That’s where these liners come in. They are full-body one piece liners that give a gap between your skin and the leather. One type is sheer and super breathable for hot summer days. The other type is a warmer solid layer for racing into the fall or riding in your suit year round. We have some new ones, and some consigned ones all starting at just $45 bucks. Heck, your friend might chip in so peeling you out of your suit is a little easier!