Have you seen this jacket on a thief?

Have you seen this jacket on a thief?

5186 jacket zino and judy 2015-02-06 14.37.31On Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2015, around 5am, thieves broke into East Side Re-Rides and stole a couple of armloads of expensive leather jackets (including Roland Sands and Harley Davidson models) and leather racing suits (including Dainese and Teknic).

Here’s the interesting part: One of the leather jackets they stole was both very, very flashy, and also one-of-a-kind, from a Belgian designer.

By flashy, I mean it’s eye-boggling. I could spot it from a mile away in a crowd in the dark. And maybe so could you.

Now, the store is insured (*cough* #OuchHugeDeductable *cough*), and the owners of these things will be getting paid for each stolen consignment piece, so this is kinda just about getting the damn thieves caught. high-quality-leather-jacket-from-belgium-thick-stylish-many-uses-300_7328467

The description:

Zino & Judy center-zip motorcycle jacket. Black and Ivory. Size men’s medium. Huge navy Z & J across the back shoulders, and a giant star on the middle back, bold ivory striping pattern on the front and sleeves. Giant D-pocket styling on the front on both sides. Giant ivory star on the right shoulder. Contrast stitching.

If you see it online (dated after Feb 3 2015), please let me know at info@rerides.ca. If you see it out in the world (and you can’t miss it), take a pic of the wearer, because I’m pretty sure the police would like to meet them and chat about the break-in and all those other missing items.

VPD Police file number 15-20351

5186 jacket zino and judy IMG_20140214_154110