Spring Sale-thing. Leather Jackets from $15

Spring Sale-thing. Leather Jackets from $15

The riding season is heating up and the store looks like a mosh pit full of shoppers and consignors. The store is crammed with goodies! The racks are creaking like crickets with the weight of leather and textile gear.

I need some more room! Let’s have a sale!

We’ve gone through the dang racks and covered things in little pink SALE tags, with tiny, tiny quantities written on them in red. Those tiny numbers represent the dollars you can pay to acquire a thing. Some are as low as $15. Some are as much as $45 or so, and all are breathtakingly good deals in a store known already for good deals.

Mostly casual jackets, car coats, and such, More on sale! Casual jackets! Pants $15 and up! Leather Trenchcoats for $45 and up! …. but I’m a fiend with the SALE tag, red pen and stapler, so keep looking.

Here’s an example of one of the jackets on sale. Leather Ranch, $45 sale price.  (model is size women’s small, and it’s a bit big for her).