Happy Halloween Sale (Under 20 Bucks!)

Happy Halloween Sale (Under 20 Bucks!)

Making a Halloween costume? On a budget? I’ve been saving a few things– a few too-wonky-for-motorcycling things — for you all year long.

This is a bit of a web special, though, so listen up. When you get to the store, ask to see the Halloween Bin. We don’t have it out in the open. Secret, eh? Now you know. Tell everyone; that’s the definition of a secret.

Also, it’s one heaping bin, not thousands of things. Come quick; shop hard.

Didn’t find your dream costume part in the cheapcheap bin? We have tons of costume-worthy stuff (leather, uniforms, fancy things) at the usual good prices in the rest of the store.


300.grease.cm.51811Biker jackets with fatal flaws like busted main zippers or
missing liners don’t matter none to Danny from Grease. (19 bucks!)




powerrangersHelmets you can’t trust your brains in  are great for Power Rangers (15 bucks!)






starlordStarlords don’t give a poop about things like having every single button on a long coat. (19 bucks!)





MalClothes1Biker Cowboy Pirates everywhere; this is your chance. (Under 20 bucks!)





mad maxMad Max likes a few scuff marks — they don’t make him madder. (Under 20 bucks!)





craftingCrafters can find so much more leather to cut out and play with for only (Under 20 bucks!)





Remember — If you want to see in the Halloween Special Sale Bin. Just ask.


vest for sale - east side reridesjacket on sale -- east side re-rides


PS: Don’t forget that over New Year we’re MOVING!