UPDATE: FOUND!    We need the corpse of a motorcycle!

UPDATE: FOUND! We need the corpse of a motorcycle!

Thanks Billy-Jay, for donating your old ‘cycle! We’ll treat it well!

Dear Motorbike Peeps!

East Side Re-Rides is moving to 16th Ave at Main St for the New Year. We’re super excited that the new space has a nice big bright display window, and we are hopeful that someone has the thing we’re looking for, and is willing to donate it to the cause of super cool window display!

We hope for a decrepit motorcycle frame with tank and wheels — a rolling frame –with maybe a seat — and no motor.

Any condition is fine — we’ll rehome the spiders and clean it and sand it and we’ll be painting it very very sparkly silver, and it will star in an amusing diorama.

We’re looking for medium to small cruiser of any make, or a chopper, or cafe-style old bike frame — but NOT a street/race style or a MX bike or a scooter or a pocket bike. More Easy Rider or Marlon Brando than Freddie Spencer, y’know?

If you have such a thing taking space in your garage and are willing to give (cough**deliver?**cough) it to us for our (it’s going to be adorable!) display window, I’d be totally thrilled.

Please shoot me a note at [email protected] to chat about it.