Open for Business in the New Location!

Open for Business in the New Location!

This is us on our second day at our new address: 221 East 16th Ave.

We had such a booming day yesterday that I’m subconsciously surprised that there’s any stock left, but luckily many folks already brought in consignment items, so that solves that nicely.

We’re at normal hours / days now (Open every day but Mondays – click for details), and will soon go to seven days a week when spring arrives in a rush of motorcycle engines and a plethora of folks bustling about on Main St looking for a very nice pair of boots.

Thanks to so many, many generously volunteering folks in my community, we who work here made the transition smoothly, and with a minimum of wear and tear on our sanity. Now, can anyone tell me where the address stamp went? I know it’s here somewhere….

See y’all soon.

  • Elaine