Goat-Footed Grand National Fluevogs

Look at these magnificent beasts! Knee-high, cloven-footed lace-ups to add a serious dash of Pan-like mischief to your wardrobe.

These boots are an especially hot item, and for good reason – Fluevog no longer makes this particular shoe. When they decided to reissue them back in ’02, the heel mold was loaned to an Italian factory so that they could make the heels. Things went swimmingly on the first run, but when they attempted the reorder, they found the Italian factory had closed its doors overnight and gone out of business – the special heel mold went with the owners, and was never seen again. A crushing disappointment to wannabe fauns everywhere – and all the more reason to score these beauts as soon as you can.

These retail at an average of $700+ dollars, but ours are priced at a slightly less bank-breaking $499 (no promises about your neck or ankles, though).

Butter-soft leather, gorgeous styling, and – they really can’t be hyped enough – those devilish heels. Euro size 42.5