Dykes on Bikes in the Pride Parade

Dykes on Bikes in the Pride Parade

More info coming as we get closer to Pride. Watch this space.

For Dykes on Bikes

Here’s the local Facebook group.
The most up to date conversation is in there.

On supporting Black Lives Matter

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You don’t have to attend this part, but it’s fantastic to ride through Vancouver in a big group of bikes. And dykes.

Pre-gathering is at Continental Coffee on Commercial Drive.
(1806 Commercial, near 2nd Ave)

Come early – give yourself time for coffee and a chat
LEAVING approx 10:20am to be at the parade staging area on time.


(( 2016’s note From our friend Shawn Ewing, 2016 pride org’r: ))
“Dykes on Bikes need to arrive at Bute and Robson via Bute North
(between Georgia and Robson – usual spot) It is preferred to have you
arrive as a group – it is so much easier to part the sea of spectators
for the whole group. You will need to be in place for 11am – after
that there will be no access to start point. I know in years past, the
Dykes would meet someplace (usually EAst side) and all come together.
The other option is to meet on Bute between Georgia and Albernie and
when everyone is there, come through at Robson. How y’all get there is
up to you. Getting you all safely onto the parade route to start the
parade is my job. (…) I’ll make sure the volunteer looking after you is
prepared. (…)


Ride slow, try not to pass each other, and keep your distance from the rest of the parade. Keep some distance from the spectators, too. Watch out for folks trying to get daring photos and errant toddlers spilling into your path. Someone has volunteered to drive a vehicle to hold your helmets and gear, so you may ride helmetless if you wish, so folks can see you grinning!


On Black Lives Matter, Dykes on Bikes and The Parade.

Okay, bykedykes and POCs and POC bykedykes and those who love them…. This was written in three seconds flat as I head to work, so please forgive any clumsiness in phrasing.

In a few cities around the globe there have been brief parade stoppages as Black Lives Matter protests occur against police brutality and injustice.

I think it is especially important to model protest-supportive behaviour because in other cities where this protest has occurred, there is frequently a problem with bystanders having a big freaker about having their entertainment delayed, and coming over and getting aggressive with the POC folks & allies holding signs.

Vancouver Pride Society has stated that they are supportive of peaceful protest, and if stoppage occurs, will arrive and do protective crowd control for the brief duration.

Here’s the Motorfesto:

PS: for the new riders — If waiting, do turn off your engines instead of idling. Those bikes do overheat, esp. on hot days.

– Elaine Miller
[email protected]