From Rerides With Love: Bootblacking

Here’s a great little project we were working on the other day. The white heels on these Dayton Drivers were painted black to look like Toughies; the poor things were starting to peel right off. Someone attempted to use the time-trusted Sharpie-marker method to patch up the spots, but it didn’t turn out quite as they hoped and left a lot to be desired.

These beauties had to be cleaned, stripped…stripped again…and then lovingly hand-painted with Angelus leather-grade acrylics to restore their former glory. Look how they shine.

Between our knowledgeable store staff, and our new in-house Leather Doctor, Rerides is equipped to handle all your bootblacking, conditioning, and boot restoration needs! Drop by anytime to say hello and ask us about the services we offer.

Beautiful, completed project.
Comparison photo!