Racing Suits : Consignment is Limited

Racing Suits : Consignment is Limited

We’re re-shuffling the store to better display our items, and make better use of our existing space.

While we do love a racing suit, we also notice that most are remarkably slow sellers. Starting today, we’ll be sending most our existing one-piece and two-piece race suits back to their respective consigners, and we’ll be unable to take in any others, unless they fit a very narrow set of specifications.

  1. We have to have room for it on our small, tiny, miniscule Race Suit spot.
  2. It must be in perfect condition.
  3. It must be very new, with the latest armor. (less than three years old)
  4. It must be a size / colour that we don’t have duplicates of.
  5. or, finally, it must be something we know that shoppers are looking for.

Please call us at 604-327-7433 to confirm that we have space BEFORE you bring us a suit for consideration. It’s a drastic reduction in suit-hanging space! We can’t fit more than 3 – 4 suits at a time!

Shopping for a racing suit? Check out our current inventory, and search “race suit” to see what we have in the store today.