Well, Hell. (COVID-19 report Mar 21st)

Well, Hell. (COVID-19 report Mar 21st)

March 21, 2020.

We had hoped to keep the physical storefront open to serve y’all for just a little while longer, while working like bees behind the scenes to launch our online store on the same day that we made our planned, easy transition into closing temporarily for the coronavirus pandemic.

The peril of being a small business is that there are only a few folks working here. One of us travelled and had to go into self-isolation, one of us was exposed to someone else with COVID-19 last week and had to go into self-isolation, and just recently another of us was exposed to someone with COVID-19 and now we ALL have to sit at home alone for a bit.

With your safety and ours in mind, effective immediately, the physical shop is temporarily CLOSED, at least until April 14th. We’re headed for online shopping!

Online Shopping, You Say???

We have the online shop half built, many of our consignment items are uploaded, but we’re not ready to launch yet. As I mentioned, this came a little early.

We launch the online store March 31st!

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Other questions? Please bear with us.

Honestly, I have more plans than Elizabeth Warren, and just haven’t finished writing all the FAQs for consignors and buyers and locals and folks far away. Check back with us March 31st and we’ll be ready to outline our leathery path into the future.

Wash your hands and stay well.

  • Elaine