Wear a Mask, even though we love looking your face.

Wear a Mask, even though we love looking your face.

In the shop, we’re wearing masks to protect you, and we’d like you to wear one to protect us.

If you forget yours, we bought a supply of them, so we have some available. Just ask.
We also have a wee mask fund to contribute to if you can, because surgical masks are $50 a box these days. Bring toonies. 🙂

Any kind (homemade, commercially-made, bandana-based, medical and so forth) is okay, as long as it covers your mouth AND your nose –yes, both breathing holes– thank you — and encloses and filters your breath. That means they should leave no gaps where air will whistle in and out, and they should not flap in the breeze.

Ring the doorbell when you get here, and we’ll come say hi and let you in!

Helpful Fit Tips

Here are some tips for making a simple surgical mask most effective and comfortable. If you don’t open it out and mold it to your nose, it is neither.

STEP 1: Get it on your ears. The edge with the soft nose wire goes UP.


STEP 2: Open it like an umbrella. Your chin would like some too!


STEP 3: Squidge the nose bridge gently so it fits comfortably.