Black LEATHER Friday Sale! November 24, 2023

Black LEATHER Friday Sale! November 24, 2023

We’re having a wee Black Friday sale! Don’t trample anyone as you stampede in the door!

On Friday, November 24th, say the words “BLACK LEATHER FRIDAY” when you’re buying your gear, and get 15% off everything you’re buying!

Even if it’s not made of leather! Yes, denim, Cordura Kevlar(tm) and GORE-TEX(tm) all can join in the fun. But we still say “Black Leather Friday”.

OMG! That could add up to THOUSANDS of DOLLARS OFF if you’re buying several whole sets of leathers!

Or, let’s see… like, 75 cents off any of these bandanas right here. w00t.

** This sale discount thing can’t be combined with other offers or coupons, and has to be in-store.
** To our consigners: This sale (like all our coupons and sales) comes out of East Side Re-Rides’ percentage, and in no way affects your consignment rate. 🙂