Boot Refinishing

Boot Refinishing

You know how a beginning tattoo artist inks up all her friends before she hits the bigtime and starts charging high fees? Well, here’s your chance to get friendly with me.

I’m learning how to refinish and re-dye leather. It’s pretty cool, and the process involves saddlesoaping, deglazing, dying same-colour or new-colour, putting a special finish on to hold the aniline dyes, and then oiling or polishing, depending.

Right now, as I’m starting out, I’m just doing boots. I’m not doing crazy fancy contrast-stitched suede-inlay patent crocogator kangaroo leather ballroom dancing cowboy boots. I’m just doing regular cowhide boots. And I can do yours too, like for cheap.

Two variations of dye job:

Black on Black


Do you love it? Was it once black? Did you like it black? Do you want it to be black again? Two days turnaround. Look! It’s back in black!

Conditions apply*

Dye It Black.. or Red…or Dark Brown

Colour change from some other (light tone!) colour.

$20 – $25

See the light tan boot? Every boot in the pic was once that colour. If you have a light-coloured boot, I can dye it any colour– as long as that colour is black, red, or brown. Or some variation brought about by mixing black, brown and red together. (For instance, the small Frye mules are 90% red 10% brown, as I was trying for a nice burgundy.)

Four days turnaround. Conditions apply*

Here are the conditions:

  • Just boots, just leather boots. For now.
  • UPDATE: Okay, it turns out I can do a nice job of dying a thick leather racing jacket. (Purple and chartreuse is a wrongness on a Fieldsheer). Also I’m getting great results doing colour touchups on the wearing edges of seams and zippers and elbows.
  • I gotta see the boot first. If I don’t think my skill level is up to it, I won’t attempt it. We can talk.
  • The turnaround time on this offer is contingent on store owner and boot replenisher Elaine being in the store. Call to check who’s on deck: 604-327-RIDE
  • I will do the best I can, but I’m just at the beginning of my illustrious career as a boot rejuvenator. If the final result is not perfect, I’m not fiscally or emotionally responsible and I won’t buy you a new pair of boots. On the bright side, this would not be nearly as catastrophic as getting an imperfect tattoo from someone starting out.
  • I can’t do repairs. Well, I mean, I can boot-glue something for you for a little extra, but I can’t repair the sucker.

Colour Change conditions:

  • If your light boot has an existing dark stain, that stain may show through a non-black dye. I’m just sayin’.
  • White stitching? I’m pretty sure it won’t make it through intact.
  • Fancy light color sole? Maybe I can save it. I’m working on that skill.