Tall Boot Laces – custom made

Tall Boot Laces – custom made

There are a lot of tall lace-up boots in the world, and not enough laces for them all, it seems.

I know they weren't pirates. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.

Wooden-Climbing-Rope-Ladder-for-Indoor-Playground-Outdoor-smEast Side Re-Rides would like to fix you up with a nice set of laces long enough to form a teeny tiny rope ladder in case you ever need to escape from an abandoned elevator shaft just in time to save your trapped friends from a captivity by a conspiracy of pirates. Space pirates.

Yeah, bootlaces that long.

As of July 2015, we’ve acquired some military-spec paracord of a couple different types in colours (right now) black and brown, and aglets. So many aglets. We can make your laces. We’ll have some in stock at varying lengths, but if you want them specific to your own boot likings, you can have ’em in a custom length.

What do you make the boot laces from?

  • Paracord is smooth, strong, and makes freaking excellent laces. It fits through most eyelets on most boots.  (Right now we have it in BLACK and BROWN)
  • If you have speed-lacing lugs, sometimes paracord feels a bit fat for the lug hooks. (Come and test a bit out at the store.)
  • Flat Paracord is paracord with the bulky core removed. It is still strong, still smooth, and less bulky. (Right now we have it in BLACK only)
  • We put aglets on the laces to finish them, unless you ask us not to.
east side rerides makes boot laces - Flat on the left, round on the right
Flat on the left, round on the right
east side rerides makes boot laces Top to bottom: Round black, round brown, flat black.
Top to bottom: Round black, round brown, flat black.

How do I know how long my laces need to be?

  1. Calclulate ’em.  Ian’s Shoe Lace Site has been in my links section for ages already, and today I just noticed a page I’d not seen before. This is the absolute shizznit, people.
    Shoelace Calculator : https://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/shoelacecalc.htm
  2. Hands-on method. Measure your old well-fitting laces.
  3. Hands-on method 2: Run simple string into your boots, just as the laces would run. This will come close but not be perfectly accurate.
  4. Guesstimate! We find that an average 14 or 15 inch linesman boot often likes a 280 cm / 110 inch lace, and a 10″ midcalf logger likes a 180 cm / 71 inch lace. This varies a lot according to the thickness of your calf, lugs vs grommets, the spacing of the lace-hooks, and such, so do measure.

I must have long-ass new laces! How much will these cost?

  • Finished laces of any colour or type are $1 per each 12 inches (includes the pair). For example, a pair of 12 foot laces for verrry tall boots will cost you $12.00 before taxes. A set of two 8 foot laces would cost you $8.00. You could also figure them at 4 cents per cm (includes the pair) or 8.3 cents per inch.
  • Returns Note: If you choose a length, we make it for you at that length. If they’re not right because you guessed wrong, we will gladly give you a 75%-of-what-you-paid credit towards a different pair. If we goof up, we’ll make good in full.

Call the day ahead.

Just tell us how to long to make them, and give us some notice, because it takes a wee while, and we won’t be able to do it for you if the store is full of folks needing help.