Tasty Caramel Schott!

OOOH! Caramel leather! This Schott is lovely like it should be and unique with it’s colouring! Look at that supple leather! It’s practically dripping! Size 42 Item # 12605

Antique Chippewa Circa 1935!

Holy antiques, Batman! These are amazing! I have never seen a pair of Chippewa like these, but being from the land before time (1935) I guess I wouldn’t! Really incredible Mountain/Ski boot your great PawPaw would have used! How cool! Come on in and check em out, they’re really quite super!

Dayton Brown Leather Rangers

Wow! Really great pair of Daytons here! A brown leather Ranger boot, in excellent condition, barely even worn! The quality we know and love from Dayton Boots. Normally retail for $640+ snag these ones almost half off! Size 43.5 – Mens 10.5 – Womens 12 Item # 10961

Daytons With Gorgeous Patina

Oooooh Beautiful! The patina that has been worn into these Daytons is phenomenal! Suede and pull-up leather – Wicked buckle/strap feature. The long-lasting quality you would expect from the Dayton Boot Company. Size 42 Item # 11790 Currently priced at $149 and dropping. Come on in and check em out!  

Antique Daoust Boots

We estimate these Daoust Ruf Rider (logger-style) boots as 1950s-era. Lots of signs of age; these are far from new condition (like 70 years far). The leather is (especially on the foot/ toe) dry and aged, and there is oxidation on the hardware. The original Biltrite sole shows wear, and the rubber has become smooth… Read More Antique Daoust Boots

Frye Engineer Boots

These Frye boots have been around the block. They’ve been around, like, a few hundred thousand blocks. They’re what you’d call “weathered” or, for the less tactful among us, “thrashed to hell”. These boots were made for walking, and walk they did… and run… and jump… and possibly skydive? They’ve very vintage; they’ve had some… Read More Frye Engineer Boots

Pack your feet into some Packers

Beautiful pair of White’s Packers that just walked in here a half-hour ago. A bit of scuffing, but structurally sound (and personally, I think the little bit of wear & tear looks cool). Nice brown leather, Euro size 40, with good soles and an even good-er price.