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Vaguely Deadpool-Style Leather Suit

I love this suit a lot and if I were approximately 3 times as big/tall as I am I’d have swiped it already. As it stands, some heavy metal Viking of a dude out there has an opportunity to look seriously badass. The red and black kinda gives me gritty-superhero-reboot vibes… maybe I’ve just seen Deadpool a few too many times?

Listed as a size Medium but fits extra long and tall.

Items #8914 and #8915


Like you see the similarity right? Right???


This Just In

Fresh delivery this morning!

As so often happens, a carload of consignment leather and boots just arrived this morning as we opened the store.

We lined up the boots (all sizes) and stacked the leather (mostly pants and chaps, some jackets), and now we’re going through it all to find out what we’ve got here.

I’m excited, aren’t you? I wonder what we’ll find….

some boots east side rerides 2015-10-17

ps: We’re moving! Jan 9, 2016!

Find of the Day

Brown leather is classic and beautiful…

I love brown leather. The warm color tone is something that appeals to me along with the vintage/retro vibe and friendlier feeling. I love all manner of brown leather boots and brown leather jackets but until these chaps walked into the store, I had not conceptualized brown leather chaps. And these certainly don’t escape my love of brown leather clothing!
These vintage chaps are made by Bristol right here in Canada. They are the softest leather on the outside and because they are unlined, you can feel the ridiculously soft suede on the inside. They have a western feel and I love the belt detail at the back. And get this, there’s a matching jacket! Seriously!

  • Item #7670
  • 24” Thigh
  • $145
This Just In

Buncha fetishy leathery gear just flooped in.


If you’re manly shaped, with a size 32 pant, size 12 feet, and a medium-large men’s jacket size, medium size head, and like your leather gear, you’re in luck! A leatherman just dropped off a nice collection of new or barely worn boots, shirts, jackets, pants, chaps, gauntlets, caps, and other wee things.

Langlitz cap

Muir cap

Wesco Boss boots, worn once

Grinders 20 hole boots, worn once (with box)

Demonia 20 (maybe more?) hole boots, worn never (with box)

Mr S chaps, plus two more pairs of custom bar chaps (21 to 22 inch thigh)

Expectations men’s leather t-shirt, zip closure

Sam Browne-style police uniform belt with shoulder strap

Triumph motorcycle jacket, classic style, black leather, armourable.

and more….



Here’s pics of just a few of things. Now back to tagging and putting them out!


Find of the Day


I’m coming with some finds of the day, honest but it’s been so busy I haven’t had time to take pictures and get ’em up. So this here is a “find of the teasers”:

A Few of My Favourite Things

  • BOOTS (sizes are often approximate)

  • Frye, western style, black, size 11.5 men’s
  • Carolina engineers black 15″ high calf, size 10.5 men’s
  • Chippewa linesman black oiltan 16″ high calf lace-up, size 8.5 men / 10 women
  • Durango square-toe western boot, black with red flames in relief, size 9 men/10.5 women  never mind – I sold these as I was typing this
  • Ariat engineer-style, black oil-tan, waterproof riding boot, size 8 men 9.5 women
  • Danner Flashpoint wildland firefighting boot (like a tall logger), black, oiltan, laceup, size 6 men/7.5 women
  • Red Wing engineers, black, size 12 men’s
  • cowboy sharkskin boots, grey, size 9.5 men’s
  • Herman Survivor hikers, vintage 1960s or 70s, green, size 9 men 10.5 women
  • Sidi Stivali B-ONE, charcoal grey, new with box, size 8 men 9.5 women
  • Timberland black/red lace-up boots, size 10.5 men

  • I have a plethora of pants right now… but the ones that stick out are
  • a pair of button-fly jean-style pants, size 34. uh-huh.

  • Again, I have everything from 4x men’s to xxs women’s in black, but I also have…
  • chaps, leather, bubblegum pink, size XS women’s

  • Northbound Leather women’s medium floor-length… never mind, this will be tomorrow’s Find of the Day
  • One pair leather camouflage pants, size 30 – 32. Yes. Camouflage leather.

  • My current favourite is a nice newish BMW System 5 in red. Modular. Size M. Comes with box and manual.


There’s tons more, but there’s  few of the cherries. Do drop if if any of the descriptions pique your interest. One day I might even have a sec to take pics — unless they sell before I can do that.







Find of the Day

Chaps. Very very fancy ass chaps.

So I’m usually kind of a chaps purist, and tend to enjoy just thick, black leather. But these have made me into a convert — they’re super fancy!

Two colours of leather, black and tan (if you wanna feel tough in them, think Doberman). The leather is that sumptuous butter-soft leather than you can’t take your hands off once you start touching them, and the details are super… er… detaily. Tiny wee metal studs outlike the tan leather design, and it’s hard to see in the pics but the long outside leg seam is textured in tiny repeating 2mm scallops. They’re lined all the way to the ankle.

I don’t see a single thing wrong with them, or a speck of wear. They’re a perfect example of their kind. Which is pretty one of a kind.

Size men’s S or women’s S or M


Human model not included.

stock # 02207


Find of the Day

01760 Brown FMC Chaps

Since this is the first day of Find of the Day, I’m posting twice!

These dark brown FMC-brand chaps are nice and new-looking. Size XL. Brass hardware, including snaps. Unlined.

Right now the price is $95