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Viberg Service boots. (Wings + Horns collab) Black, size 42.5

The nicest boots in the store today are these Wings + Horns 10-year collaboration with Viberg Service Boots.

They are stamped a Viberg size 8.5, which will fit a size 42 to 42.5 (about a 9 – 9.5 in North American men’s sizing, or Women’s 10.5 – 11)

These boots are featured on Viberg’s 2030 last using three distinct materials to capture the murdered-out black-on-black aesthetic. The roughout heels are especially eye-catching. Flat waxed linen laces. Commando Itshide (Dainite-style) sole.

This version is no longer being made, so they’ve become quite collectible. Originally sold for CAD $979, these are in 9.9/10 condition. Have a peek at the photos.

Viberg is a boot company making the best benchmade boots in the world, in the author’s humble opinion. They are based in Victoria, BC, and we’re always pleased when their beautiful, rugged, and rebuildable boots make their way to Vancouver.

Item #22256

Starting at $699 CAD

Find of the Day

Come to East Side Re-Rides to find a friend

Hullo! Schott Perfecto, meet Vanson Comet. Vanson, meet Schott. You two have so much in common; I know you’ll have tons to talk about! Tons of adventures to plan! I bet some humans will be coming to join the group soon, so be sure to say hi. :-)

Enjoy the riding weather and good friendship, everyone.

( For those looking for info on these exact jackets on this exact date: The Schott is a Perfecto 125 in naked leather, fits 42 – 44, current price $647, stock #19032. The Vanson is a Comet fitting 36 – 38, short-bodied, masculine cut. Currently at $388, stock #19235. )

Friends forever....
Find of the Day

We don’t Jest. Best put the Reddest Vest on your Chest.

These photos do not exaggerate; this vest is the reddest red leather we’ve ever seen. It’s like someone found a way to make a solar-powered red. It’s like having your torso dipped in lipstick. It’s like all the reds in the world suddenly blushed, all at once.

Super-saturated, smooth, soft leather. Your friends will need sunglasses. But that’s a small price to pay. Speaking of…

Price: $45.00


Item #14680

Size 12 / LRG woman’s fitted

Gold-tone hardware.





From Rerides With Love: Bootblacking

Here’s a great little project we were working on the other day. The white heels on these Dayton Drivers were painted black to look like Toughies; the poor things were starting to peel right off. Someone attempted to use the time-trusted Sharpie-marker method to patch up the spots, but it didn’t turn out quite as they hoped and left a lot to be desired.

These beauties had to be cleaned, stripped…stripped again…and then lovingly hand-painted with Angelus leather-grade acrylics to restore their former glory. Look how they shine.

Between our knowledgeable store staff, and our new in-house Leather Doctor, Rerides is equipped to handle all your bootblacking, conditioning, and boot restoration needs! Drop by anytime to say hello and ask us about the services we offer.

Beautiful, completed project.


Comparison photo!

Find of the Day

All Norton, All The Time!

Kit yourself out in both these fantastic pieces!

Norton Leather was founded in the UK way back in 1898, and continues to produce top-notch pieces inspired by today’s motorcycling culture and fashion.

Our Norton leather jacket is styled after a classic biker. Beautiful thick, black leather with orange detail on the front pocket, collar, lower back, and belt. It also features Norton’s name in orange leather lettering across the back. So incredibly spiffy, with just a touch of rock n’ roll! This jacket features several zippered front pockets, a half belt, and all the excellent fit and function we’ve come to associate with Norton Leather.

This jacket is a best fit for someone with a 42″ chest (men’s Medium), and is priced at $234. Rerides Item no. 11495

Pair it with Clarks limited-edition “Norton Rise” 12-hole lace up leather boots. Fantastic function and styling make these guys the perfect boot for riding, or casual cruising around town. Made from premium, thick black leather, this pair is in brand-new condition, having barely been taken out of the box. As a limited edition model, the “Norton Rise” is no longer being made, and currently retails new for $280 CAD.

Our pair is a best fit for a 43 Euro foot (men’s US 10, or women’s US 11.5). Priced at $259. Rerides Item no.13836

Find of the Day

1940s Horsehide Swedish Army Dispatch set

Circa 1948 horsehide motorcycle courier set. Made for use by the Swedish army during the Cold War, used by Dispatch riders and tank crews. Zipperless button-and-toggle closing. Wool liner. Time-machine condition — almost no condition issues. Leather is flexible and wearable. Wow. Just wow.

13434 $799.00
MED-LRG TWO PIECE SUIT. Swedish Army. 1940s Horsehide. Wool liner.
Size: Jckt:43ish: Pants: 36ish.
One owner since ’84.


Special Spooky Halloween Racing Suit Sale!

Tis the season for spooks, spirits, and… spectacular sales, I suppose!

Goth Christmas is only a couple of weeks away now, and if you’re stuck for a costume, Rerides has, as always, got your back.

Take a 10% discount on any one of our MANY racing suits up til Halloween. Not only is a full leather suit wonderfully warm (an oft-neglected feature in a Halloween costume in the height of Vancouver autumn…), it provides the perfect base for any number of seriously wicked dressup options.

There’s the obvious, but classic, Evel Knievel getup – or if you want something a little more current, why not go as the Stig from Top Gear? Or add a little fake blood and a thrashed helmet and you can get a bit ghoulish with a “post-crash” costume.

They also make a great base for your futuristic sci-fi getup; maybe you want a little bit of a Stormtrooper vibe? Build it up with some chrome and circuitry for a robot getup that looks like it took months, not days, to make.

Throw on a cape and a mask and you’ve got a killer superhero getup (or snag a red suit for the perfect imitation Deadpool). Beat it up with some dirt and add a few rusted metal accessories, and you’re a wasteland warrior straight out of a Mad Max flick.

Take your suit and your imagination and run wild!

This discount can also be used in conjunction with our coveted 10% OFF COUPONS, so you can take a whopping 20% off. Not bad, and certainly more fun than the last-minute cat ears you picked up on the way to the party!









Find of the Day

Unbranded Classic Biker Plus Jacket

This jacket got a lot of attention when it came to us and the powers that be have returned it to us! Unfortunately the wrong fit on the previous owner, it is back on our shelves to be re-loved!

Great vintage styling, similar to a Classic Biker jacket, only with even more! More what? More brass! More side lacing! More built in kidney belt! More pockets! Awesome!

This pup is practically perfect, but it is missing the belt and has a scratch near the lapel and on the back shoulder – but a lil wear on a jacket this fab for only $153? No complaints from me!

Size 42 – Item. 12259 – Price $153

Boot of the Day

Steve Madden Leather Boots

Inner zip with decorative outer zip!

Engineer-style straps upper and lower ankles!

6″ high ankle and good soles!

Size 42.5 – Item # 13109 – Price $15

Find of the Day

Xelement Leather Classic Biker Jacket

Brand new! Cozy quilted liner, lots of classic-style pockets and a half belt!

Super smooth leather, feel incredible!

Size XXL – Item # 13129 – Price $159

Boot of the Day

Canadian Military Leather Parade Boots

Steel toe and high-shine, unique inset lace zip for easy on and off

Really unique boot, don’t see somethin’ like this everyday!

Size 43ish – Item # 13098 – Price $59

Find of the Day

Leather Priest Cassock

WOW! This is a one-of-a-kind Custom leather Priest Cassock and it is really something!

Great quality and made with great thought and care!

From a local movie set – cant say which one!

Size Large/X-Large – Item # 13071 – Price $999

Boot of the Day

Viberg Rigger S Boots

Heavy-Duty Vibergs that will last a lifetime!

12-eye lace-ups with that classic Viberg tight-ankle, big bottom look that so many other brands try to mimic.

Vibram soles, brand stamps on the upper ankle, thick leather and stitching for the gods – nice!

Leathers got some freckling going on but doesnt hurt the function or overall form.

Size 43 – Item # 13042 – Price $239

Find of the Day

THE Best Ripley

Yes, we have posted Ripleys before, but THIS ripley, is truly the finest of them all.

Tears of joy and respect have preserved this lovely piece!

From the no-longer-existing Ripleys Leathers Vancouver, this jacket has held up ridiculously well besides a pinhole in the lapel and a belt loop that needs a few stitches!

The rare details on this one make it especially desireable – unique belt buckle, metal zipper stops, half belt style and extra long arm zips – wow!

The leather is the quality expected from the brand, being ultra-thick and primo leather cuts, getting that great butter look old, quality leathers do.

Great find!

Size 42-44 – Item # 13044 – Price $279

Find of the Day

Great Harness by Local Artist

Fantastic harness made by a local vendor!

XX/XY compatible, how rad!

30-35 chest fits best! Size Medium – Item # 1218 – Price $135.99

**This leather artist is available for custom orders as well! Leathercraft on point, very talented and fantabular individual! Contact us to get in touch!!**

Boot of the Day

Sendra Engineer Boots!

These are some real nice boots!

Stitching for days!

Oiled leather, some sole wear

Wicked patch on each side

Steel toe, some sole wear

Made in Spain

Size 43 E – Item # 12751 – Price $219

Find of the Day

Superb Vintage Sears Cafe Racer!

Wowee Zowee!

Great lookin’ vintage Sears jacket, circa 70’s!

Great wear that adds just the right amount of personality to this well-styled piece!

Quilted padding and great snap-back collar – so unique!

Main zipper has some major wear and a few missing teeth but still miraculously functional, although a bit grumbly! The liner is terrible; absolutely in tatters.

Super rad jacket with a beautiful patina, at a great price.

Price – $55 – Item #12853 – Size 40-42

Find of the Day

WWII South African Sam Browne Belt!


This is an incredible piece right here, a piece of history!

Authentic WWII South African Sam Browne Belt!

Wonderful build, great brass hardware!

Love it!

Find of the Day

Plus-sized, short legs? Rejoice in these armored leather riding pants!

You and I know the problem, right? You get a pair of pants to fit your hips, and the pants (seemingly made for a 6’4″ man with stork legs) balloon out. You’d need to cut through zippers and hardware to shorten them, the legs are too wide at the ankle, and the armor sits way, way further down than your actual knees.

Every day I help plus-sized women in this store looking for a riding pant that fits — but one can’t get them “off the rack”. No-one makes them for us.

From me (Elaine), a fat woman with short legs and a big butt, to all my sisters out there… May I present the holy grail, nay, the unicorn of leather riding pants!

These pants were custom made (costing over $400) for a woman a titch over 5ft tall, with a waist 48″ around (that’s about a size 20, methinks). They’ve never been worn because the original owner changed size before she got them.

They have tapered legs with side zips, jacket-attachment zip, thigh zip air vents, jean-style pockets, hip padding, and knee armor placed exactly where your shorter-length legs want it.

You’re gonna look good in these.

Item #12710
RUBBER SIDE DOWN black Leather Riding PANTS

Boot of the Day

We Love Our Daytons!

Another lovely pair through our doors – we love it!

Ooh, these have double buckle straps high and low!


Find of the Day

Tasty Caramel Schott!

OOOH! Caramel leather!

This Schott is lovely like it should be and unique with it’s colouring!

Look at that supple leather!

It’s practically dripping!

Size 42

Item # 12605

Find of the Day

Ultra-Nice Belstaff Cafe Racer!

Wowee nice jacket!

Belstaff Cafe Racer with asymetrical double zip!

Kidney belt built in, side stretch goring!

Reinforced shoulders and elbows!

Armour compatible!

Find of the Day

Vintage Bristol Jacket


This one has seen some times!

History all over this sweet vintage Bristol Classic Biker!

Find of the Day

Vintage Treen Jacket!

Great lookin’ vintage riding jacket by Treen!

Lovin’ the brass hardware and check that blue leather!


Find of the Day

This is how you make a Custom pant!

Now this is how you do a Custom pant!

These are truly incredible, thick, thick leather. Heavy duty brass hardware, keyring on front, low-rise pelvic area, ankle-to-waist side zips, double back pockets, and made in Canada!