Boot of the Day

Corcoran Field Boot

Hunting for made in USA boots that look good, aren’t western style and can stand up to the rigors of motorcycling? Get these suckers. These boots’ perform as a motorcycle boot and I am confident they will stand up well under other conditions too.

Quality inside and out, the stitching is perfect, no frayed anything anywhere. It’s gonna hold together. The leather has enough thickness for some warmth and road protection, and the breathability is great.

What I particularly love about these boots are that the leather is just the right thickness. Not too thin but not too thick to be stiff and unwieldy. I also really dig the great ankle fit, you’re staying put when you need to. Most excellent.

Last but not least, they look damn good. *Real Damn Good* I mean you can’t beat the classic paratrooper boot look for just raw badass looks.


Size 39


Product. 10994

This Just In

Harness Your Visibility

These hi-vis safety harnesses are available in a multitude of sizes, are massively adjustable, close with a satisfying click, and are small enough to give you no excuse not to have one in your saddlebags — or even your toolbag. $15 new, ongoing selection.

(We also have some hi vis wrist / ankle cuffs, which are handy in that you can wave them at oncoming texting drivers.)


This Just In

Akoury AK-66 Carbon Fiber teeny tiny legal beanies are here

To join our AK-88 Matte black polycarbonate DOT-approved half helmets, we now carry the AK-66 Carbon fibre by Akoury. They’re the smallest, lightest, least mushroom-headed lid that you can legally wear around BC. (Just look at all the comparison pics)

Wear one! You can look as stupifyingly cool and tough as I do here:


Find of the Day

Curvy Flask Seeks Caring Owner

Petite, polished, and with curves to die for (or at least drink from), this little stainless steel flask is ready to go home with you tonight.
With measurements of approximately 3.5 – 1 – 5 (that’s a 3.5″ diameter, 1″ width, and 5oz carrying capacity), it’s the perfect size for both your pocket and stomach. Whether you’re looking for something to help you get through awful family gatherings, hold espresso shots to support your minor caffeine addiction, or simply make you look certified Cool™ (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you decide to fill it with your morning glass of OJ), this shiny gem can handle it all.

Oh, and don’t worry about cooties; this baby is brand new, AND we have multiple ones in stock, so you’re more than welcome to grab a couple – your relatives at the aforementioned family gatherings will thank you. Probably.

Stainless steel
5oz capacity
3.5″ diameter
Brand new, multiple in stock

This Just In

Neoprene face masks, balaclavas, and neck warmers.

Feel that chill in the air? Brr. Your poor neck!

We have a selection of warm and fuzzy wraps, leather wind breaking bandana things, neoprene face warmers, and balaclavas.

Come check ’em out.

This Just In

First Gear Contour Hi-Vis Mesh Textile Jacket (for the womensy people)

These jackets are utterly new, like ordered-from-the-wholesaler new, because we kept running out of mesh jackets. FirstGear make a damn fine jacket.

As of today, we have these in two colours: hi-vis chartreuse, and silver, and in a few different sizes. (Selection changes daily because people have been eating mesh jackets nom nom nom)

$219 ea

Firstgear Contour Mesh Womens Jacket

Terrific style, great lines and superbly comfortable, the Contour Mesh jacket with its nylon mesh outer shell, allows total airflow to keep you cool on the warmest days.


Zip-out waterproof liner
CE-approved armor at shoulders and elbows
One-hand adjustable waist belts
Secured pockets throughout

Boot of the Day

Dayton Mustang Boots (Brown Beauty), Vintage 1970 Deadstock

Once upon a long long long time ago, Dayton made some boots. They were tucked sweetly away to nap in a boot box, to await the arrival of Footprints Charming. Alas, Footprints Charming never came. Not for years. Not for about 45 years. Not until now.

If this boot were built today, it would be so similar to the classic Dayton Black Beauty that it would be called a Brown Beauty. Back in (circa) 1970 they called it a Mustang, and the box says Dayton “Circle D Ranch”.

Unworn, unwalked-in. Vintage bull-head stamp on front of shaft. Biltrite heels. Leather soles. Just awoken from that lonnnng sleep. Brand new in box (BNIB, as they lyrically say on Ebay)
Size 41, 8.5 mens’, 10 womens.
#7929, $589 not-cheap-but-utterly-worth-it dollars.

Find of the Day

Dainese Stripes EVO Pelle jacket

This is new and unworn, which I know not only because of its spectacular gleaming and fresh beauty, but also because the owner came in metaphorically crying big hot tears of consumer sadness. He’d used the online sizing charts, bought it for damn near $700 Canadian dollars, what with the current punishing exchange and all, had it shipped, which was expen$ive, and paid duty on it as well.

And it didn’t fit. Not even a tiny bit of fitting. Not even a grudging zip-up for one slightly constricted ride around town. Sad trombone.

If you are smaller than the original owner, you’re about to get one of those there sweet deals. We figure it for a tightish classic men’s small, about a 38 – 40.

Do drop by and try it on.

#7903. $549 before tax. Canadian bucks. No shipping or duty or exchange.

Dainese has some (fairly non-humourous, if I may critque) stuff to say about it:

Dainese Stripes EVO Leather Jacket

The introduction of new technical solutions ushers in the restyled version of one of the the best selling Dainese jackets: welcome the Stripes Evo Jacket. This garment unleashes an inimitable charm and style, while preserving the distinctive traits that have always defined it: cowhide treated with resins and oils to give it a vintage look, a dry cut and moderately sporty details in cowhide leather. The versatility of this jacket has been further enhanced, adding a removable thermal liner also newly structured air-intakes on the chest, which are able to maintain an optimal opening when riding.

Protection: Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1 Standard

Ergonomics and Comfort:

  • Vintage cowhide leather
  • Suede cowhide inserts
  • S1 fabric
  • Elasticated inserts
  • Neck adjustment
  • Waist adjustment
  • Jacket-trousers fastening system
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Air inlets on the chest
  • Sanitized lining


  • Pocket for G1 and G2 back protector
  • 2 outer pockets
  • 1 internal pocket
  • Denoted as Dainese G. Stripes EVO Pelle in Dainese catalog


This Just In

Brand new stock! First Gear Contour mesh jackets and ….

Today we got in a shipment of brand new (mostly textile) jackets and (leather) gloves and tool bags and disc locks.

Do drop by and have a look. The First Gear Contour mesh jackets are beeyooootiful.





This Just In

Burning Man, Not Burning Eyes

Burning Man begins in:

[tminus t=”2015-08-30 00:00:00″/]
… and we suspect you’re going to need some goggles to protect your peepers. Just sayin’.


burning man bicycles and goggles

Find of the Day

Tommy Hilfiger Finally Gets It Right Pants

I have no idea how the Hilfiger folks got so fancy in their technique and choice of leather, but they’ve managed to almost perfectly capture the feel, thickness, and look of antiqued horsehide in a sweet pair of pants that I would wear to a party or kickin’ about on the bike.

Made of an unwaxed aniline-dyed leather with a natural grain and texture. See the images to really understand what we’re on about!

Fancy red liner. No sign of wear. Woman-shaped. 30″ waist. Low to mid rise. Calf zips to make the pants flare over your boots, or zip ’em up for skinny leg look. Vintage texture leather in a wholly modern pant.

Hilfiger sells ’em for over $350 new. Yours in brand-new condition for $159

Find of the Day

Get your SQUEEEEE ready…. (Boeing Baby Bomber)

This is dazzling in its cuteness. I know, because it just came in a second ago, and I, beyond cute-ified and waving my hands around incoherently, showed it to the next people who came in, who were men-bikers (which in this store happens quite as often as you think it might, actually), and they both squeeeeed as well. So. Passing the squeeee-test with flying colours. (See what I did there?)

Will this fit your tiny, drooling and chubby-fisted pilot? Item# 131111, $28 buckaroos. Not a single sign of wear. Size 2T / S


Boot of the Day

Ariat Quantum Devon Pro boots

This is just a quickie: I have an absolutely brand new pair of these on for $99, which is half of retail. Super amazing support, which I know because I tried it on. 10.5 women’s. Fancy.

Ariat’s website sings the praises nicely, but they’re not as funny as I am.

Find of the Day

The Corseted Greatcoat (aka Romance on Horseback)

I want you to close your eyes and imagine, deep in the past, a windswept moor and a night lit solely by the stark full moon. Imagine a fiery-spirited white stallion galloping across it, and you on its back. Now I hope you’ll open your eyes because I’m about to show you a picture of what you’ll be wearing.

This bit of loveliness looks just like a dress, but Northbound Leather calls it a corseted greatcoat. Coat, dress, coat, dress…. I’d say it’s entirely up to you whether you’re wearing some pearly riding pants to match your white stallion on this ride, or whether you’re merely in some anachronistic yet fetching fishnet stockings. Either way, you’ll be cutting quite the figure.
Or hey, take the blue pill (or the red one, I can’t quite recall), and you can be all Matrix-y and swoosh around a dystopian future shooting at computer constructs while looking tremendously well-dressed and impervious to salad dressing spills.
All zipped up, this scrumptious beauty is figure-hugging through the top and waist, draws closer to fit with the built-in-corset at the back, and takes off into a flourish of still more soft sumptuous leather, creating a skirttail that will flare at your movement, or rest over the butt of the aforementioned white stallion.

Northbound Leather wants $1149 for this, which just make me smug to be able to offer it for $500 at East Side Re-Rides — the more so because I can’t detect a single sign of wear, nor a single flaw.

Size women’s medium. Stock # 02551

Come try it on. You bring the horse.



Find of the Day

Harley Davidson FXRG Heavy weight motorhome, I mean leather jacket

I’m putting this heavyweight jacket up because I’m incredulous. I think it’s over 12 pounds of leather. I’m considering moving out of my apartment and into this jacket. All I’d have to do is install a bit of plumbing and add some bookshelves.

Harley Davidson asks $1100 for this jacket, new, and I guess that it’s all about the engineering.

You can read up about it online (although they seem to be only making the midweight kind as of this year) if you want the details about how it cools you or heats you and keeps you dry and protects you (has back, elbow and shoulder armour, plus a kidney belt built in), how it zips to this or that and how the pockets work, but I’m just flabbergasted about how many nifty things they built into a seriously soft and comfy jacket.

Come by and climb inside it and try it out.

2XL. Appears unworn. Stock # 02548


This is a review of a jacket from the FXRG line, but the perforated kind instead of the heavyweight —




Boot of the Day

Dayton boots for a set of quadruplets

Do you know a set of quadruplets who share a thing for nice Dayton boots? Show ’em this page, then, because I have four sets of boots, all sized alike, that would suit all four identical quadruplets. They could switch, depending on what their four-part whims were.

As long as they all had feet Dayton sized 5 – 5.5, which in North American show sizes is a men’s 6 – 6.5, and a women’s 8 – 8.5.

The whole set for $500 (save $60), what the heck!

The boots (from left to right):

1) Utterly custom, one-of-a-kind, square-toe Sidekick style measuring 16″ from the top of the heels on up. Shiny chrome leather. Slender calf. Utterly unworn. Brand stinkin’ new. $230 #02291

2) Rangers, oiltan, bump toe (that’s the name for that saucy curve to the toe box) Barely worn. $100 #02287

3) Classic Dayon Black Beauties. Slight wear and a bit more experience than the other boots. $100 #02288

4) Riders — the motorcycle boot, round toe, engineer-style instep strap. Barely worn. $130 #02290

Wait, it just occured to me — I could sell these one pair at a time to non-quadruplet individuals.

Although, you know, come to think on it, two sets of twins might also do.




Find of the Day

Sons of Anarchy style Leather Vest

Tons of folks have been asking me about the style of vest worn on the motorcycle outlaw show Sons of Anarchy. (I’m a guilty-pleasure kind of SOA fan, myself.)

Here’s a perfect example, made of a thick, soft leather. It’s fully lined, has four pockets on the outside and two on the inside (when you buy these vests from the manufacturer in the USA, they call them “gun pockets”, but here in Canada we’ll call them “slingshot pockets”)

It’s in new, unworn, utterly pristine condition. I’d call it an XXL or so. Would fit a tall, broad-shouldered type. More Chibbs than Jax, if you know what I mean.

The erstwhile owner wants $285 for it. Better come give it to him — he’s pretty tough-looking.

stock #02283

Find of the Day

01772 – Triumph Racing Jacket

Black, silver and white leather Triumph Racing jacket, complete with what we like to call the “Aero back hump for wind resistance and added protection”.  So new, it kinda sparkles. $80