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New Stock 7400 – 7499 apr 2015

New Stock 7400 – 7499 apr 2015

unbrandedJacketbrownLeather42ishsmall rip left lseeve, popped seam right arm)65.007400
JohannBomberJacketblackLeather42ishbomber, sheepskin mouton collar, customized for riding with velcro faceshield79.007401
bristolconch and fringeVestblackLeatherlrg msidelace75.007402
gold eastdressy classic with buttonsVestblackLeather2xl w75.007403
bristolgauntlet insulatedGlovesblackLeathers / m mens25.007404
hd8" high, buckles, zippers, laceBootsblackLeather8.5 m / 10 wlooks like a tiny new rock99.007405
joe rocketperf leather and mesh comboJacketyellowOtherxl womenstouring length. No liner.119.007406
tour masterJACKETRaingearyellowOtherxl womens45.007407
cortechoverpant sidezipPantsblackLeather32brass hardware. Great leather.135.007408
UnknownClassic MotorcycleJacketblackLeather38ishDistressed seams, bobble zipper pulls, epaulets99.007409
UnknownLace up fancy plusVestblackLeatherMen's SSnap side closure, lace up princess seams, short waisted45.007410
Indian World's Finest MotorcycleBelt, rivettedAccessoryblackLeather30ishStudded Indian Motocycle decals17.007411
Unkown (Ram?)Classic MotorcycleJacketblackLeather42ishSumptuous leather, brass fixtures, small tear in mesh lining, epaulets, locking sleeve feature179.007412
DaytonriderBootsblackLeather8 m, 9.5 w229.007413
"dex demin" brandJacketbrownLeather40 - 4265.007414
nasty pigfetishPantsblackOther2869.007415
unbrandedBAR chaps, unlinedChapsblackLeather21 inch thigh129.007416
black on blackfetish bar vestVestblackLeathersmO ring sides, no close99.007417
northbound leatherfetish lace upShirtblackLeatherside zip139.007418
unbrandedMASK smallFetishblackLeathersmall19.007419
nasty pigneoprene tankFetishblackOthertagged med. Fits smradioactive symbol29.007420
unbrandedchain harnessFetishsilverOtherxs mens30.007421
TeknicJacketblueLeatherMen's LItalian style, blue leather, reflective seams, soft padding159.007424
AGV SportJacketblackLeatherMen's LPerforated Leather, reflective stripes, back and elbow pads139.007425
Joe RocketJacketblackTextileMen's LConvertible jacket for all weather wear, elbow, shoulders, back pad129.007426
ScorpionJacketblackTextileMen's L69.007427
Leather LimitedJacketblackLeatherMen's LPretty pockets on front, brass hardware179.007428
TeknicJacketlight greyTextileMen's LShoulder/Elbow pads, no lining, no back pad, funky front pockets155.007429
LG Leather GearJacketblackLeatherMen's LDiagonal pockets and seams on front, brass hardwear, full armor, light liner189.007430
DaineseJacketblackLeatherMen's L3 Layer jacket, shoulder/elbow padds, no back armor, schmexy249.007431
Power TripArmored and paddedGlovesblackLeatherMen's MSkid studs on palms, carbon fiber knuckles, brand new with tags, unlined50.007432
First GearShort Gauntlet, armored and paddedGlovesblackTextileMen's MMatte black armor, unlined, outside wrist support35.007433
TeknicArmored, unlinedGlovesblackLeatherMen's MSlight wear on finger tips, perforated fingers inside35.007434
bouletwesternBootsbrownLeather8.5 wfancy relief pattern. Patina. Old but neat looking. Slight cracking at top bead.55.007435
alpinestarsriding technicalBootsblackLeather11.5 m 46 eurogoretex liner. Waterproof. Some scuffing to foot. Great soles.89.007436
alpinestars"stealth" hi vis blackVestblackTextilesm mensarmourable , mil spec, takes a camel back.109.007437
electroffHelmetblacksm / medmanuf 2006. unused spare40.007438
shoeiffHelmetblacklrg"joust" graphic. Manuf 2007. reflective visor. Nice.55.007439
unbranded, maybe nelson riggst-bag topper onlyBaggageblackOtherbigger than a toiletry bag, smaller than a carry-on. carroll zippers23.007440
StylmartinTechncial RidingBootsblackLeather6.7/7 WPerforated rubber toe protection, embossed starburst battern on shin75.007441
unbrandedzip frontVestbrownLeatherxl mcrackle finish99.007442
HDside zipBootsblackLeather9.5 m , 11 wcrepe soles. Some wear on peg spot49.007443
cole haantall rain bootBootsblackOther9.5 m / 11 wwaterproof foot (rubber), leather upper. Fashion detailing. $199 new79.007444
bristolclassic bikerJacketblackLeather40 - 42vintage, collectable brand, very very worn condition.79.007445
HJCFF IS-16HelmetredOtherLHJC Graphic, IS-16 Model, button sun visor, 201169.007446
Zox3/4 HelmetHelmetblackOtherS3/4 matte black with visor35.007447
IconHigh Vis reflectiveVestorangeTextileRegular SizeMil spec, hi vis, elastic side laces, back rain pocket59.007448
FreedomFull JacketHEATEDblackTextileMen's LFull sleeves, cables in sleeves and inner pocket145.007449
Canadian Motorcycle Co.JacketblackLeatherMen's XLFull liner, light shoulder/elbow padding, nice leather, local company209.007450
UtilikiltUtilikiltOther clothingblackTextile37" actual waist'Original' style, two button waist snap.159.007451
Speed and StrengthHOODIEJacketblackTextileMen's LMuffler damage to back bottom seam, good condition otherwise35.007452
ShiftMesh TextileJacketblackTextileMen's LFull armor, full liner85.007453
WetskinsJACKETRaingearblackTextileMen's L100% waterproof, no liner, hood attachment20.007454
Joe Rocket HondaJacketblackLeather46Officially licensed Honda, zip out mesh covers, fully armored, canvas panels, patch flaws149.007455
Canadian Motorcycle Co.Classic PlusChapsblackLeather26" thighExpansion on thigh, full zip75.007456
Canadian Motorcycle Co.SidelaceVestblackLeatherMen's XLSidelaces, slight wear from internal snaps, wear on seams79.007457
shiftridingJacketblackLeathermed womens (fits smaller?)299.007458
teknicSADDLEBAGS throw-overBaggageblackTextilemedwaterproof overbag inside. Extendable. Briefcase shape soft bags65.007459
HDpractical jacket, non-ridingJacketblackTextilelrg / 44with zip in hoodie75.007460
boutique of leatherclassic plusChapsblackLeather24" thighlined149.007461
made in swedencasual / fashionJackettanLeather44 / lrg mbomber style69.007462
hot optionsfashionJacketblackLeatherwomens smslight rip on shoulder seam35.007463
power tripridingJacketblackLeathermed m229.007464
saddlemensaddle stow TAIL BAGBaggageblackTextilebigrain cover too.109.007465
teknicridingJacketblackTextile8 womens169.007466
hdridingJacketblackLeather2XLarmorable shoulder and elbows.299.007467
sixsixoneMX motocrossBootsblackLeather10 m239.007468
open roadclassic bikerJacketblackLeather38liner shot, pockets shot, leather rough in spots. One snap malfunction69.007469
danierJacketblackLeathersm / med m75.007470
danierJacketblackLeatherxl m75.007471
power tripJacketbrownLeathermed marmorable209.007472
interstatebikerVestblackLeathermed melestic sides, 4 snaps75.007473
bitchin gearwindbreaker, softOther clothingblackTextiletagged xxl, fits med / lrgzip up, hoodie style25.007474
foxriding, lightweightJacketbrownTextilewomens lrgarmor at elbows only. Zip off sleeves.79.007475
screamin' eagleclassic-ish, female cutJacketblackLeatherxl (fits lrg) womenszip out liner, elastic waist.119.007476
teknicankle boots, ridingBootsblackLeather11m euro 4545.007477
firstfingerlessGlovesblackLeathermed / lrg15.007478
stampede tackSEAT PAD sheepskinAccessorydark greyLeather49.007479
suncloudSUNGLASSESAccessorycomes with a lifetime warranty card and bag12.007480
echo kitSUNGLASSESAccessorylight greyin bag with extra lenses15.007481
daytonrancheroTAKEN BACKblackLeather39 euro, 7 -8 m, 8.5 -9.5 w7482
rubber side down rsdridingPantsblackTextile38all armor139.007483
rubber side down rsdracingPantsblackLeather40pucks!159.007484
rubber side down rsdperforatedPantsblackLeather36puckable / perf149.007485
knoxSHORTSArmorblackTextilelrg mgroin and hip armor, mesh55.007486
rubber side down rsdMESHJacketsilverTextile48Armor shoulders and elbow, no spine.129.007487
unbrandedSHIRT mesh plus armorArmorblackXL119.007488
rubber side down rsdJacketblackLeather46shoulders and elbows, no spine, but option for it. $299 new on sale249.007489
rubber side down rsdridingTAKEN BACKblackTextile40liner, zip-in139.007490
rubber side down rsdMESHJacketblackTextile42no spine armor, shoulders and elbows. Zip-in liner139.007491
iconoverlordJacketredTextilelrgzip in silver liner. All armor. Retails $200 new149.007492
teknicperforatedJacketdark greyLeather46all armor159.007493
alpinestarsriding partial perfPantsblackLeather40goes with 7495159.007494
alpinestarJacketblackLeather50goes with 7494, very very nice.199.007495
CMCJacketblackLeatherlrg mall armor, plus liner179.007496
unbrandedjean style leatherPantsblackLeatherlrgmilled cowhide85.007497
teknicracingPantsblackLeather40with pucks169.007498
tap-motoJacketblackLeather48titanium elbows, all armor, some perforation. With liner.279.007499