First Gear Contour Hi-Vis Mesh Textile Jacket (for the womensy people)

These jackets are utterly new, like ordered-from-the-wholesaler new, because we kept running out of mesh jackets. FirstGear make a damn fine jacket.

As of today, we have these in two colours: hi-vis chartreuse, and silver, and in a few different sizes. (Selection changes daily because people have been eating mesh jackets nom nom nom)

$219 ea

Firstgear Contour Mesh Womens Jacket

Terrific style, great lines and superbly comfortable, the Contour Mesh jacket with its nylon mesh outer shell, allows total airflow to keep you cool on the warmest days.


Zip-out waterproof liner
CE-approved armor at shoulders and elbows
One-hand adjustable waist belts
Secured pockets throughout