New Stock til June 18 2016

Boutique of leathersBiker classic plusJacketbrownLeather42, maybe 44HD Patch on kidney section, conches/beads on side laces, western medallions, pinholes on back199.009677
Wetskins2 piece setRaingearblueTextileLrg59.009678
NitroTouringJacketredTextileWomen's XLFull liner, full armor, elastic hips - some stitches pulled to allow for more hips149.009679
HDLeather dooragAccessoryblackLeatherharley patch19.009680
unbrandedLeather dooragAccessoryblackLeathersilver frames19.009681
SturgisNeck warmersAccessoryblackLeatherLined, logo on the inside, close with velcro9.009682
SturgisNeck warmersAccessoryblackLeatherLined, logo on the inside, close with velcro12.009683
UnbrandedHandlbar GripsAccessoryblackLeatherLace-up, fringe29.009684
UnbrandedTool bagBaggageblackLeatherVery heavy leather, blanket stitch leather, silver eagle hardware39.009685
unbrandedGauntletGlovesblackLeatherMen's LrgHard cuff59.009686
UnbrandedSmall handbagBaggageblackLeatherFringes, rose detail, super cute, silver closing hardware29.009687
UnbrandedHair GloveAccessoryblackLeatherBeads and fringe, flame detail15.009688
UnbrandedHair GloveAccessoryblackLeatherBeads and fringe, flame detail15.009689
UnbrandedBustierOther clothingblackLeatherWomen's LrgLace up front and back, hanging beaded fringe, silver studs69.009690
unbrandedCover for roll barsBike bitsblackLeatherFace detail, textured background, painted silver raised tribal, both with laces15.009691
Chaps for Highway BarsBike bitsblackLeather9 oz leather, built in electrical control, 2 pieces, one pouch each side, fits large cruiser, silver eagle hardware85.009692
UnbrandedSaddle Bag linersBaggageblackTextileLrgmessenger bag styled to fit saddle bags, custom made, comes with duffle bag45.009693
HDButton up shirtShirtblackTextileWomen's LrgPinstripe, fancy sparkles, HD embroidery on back19.009694
HDlong sleeve shirtShirtblackTextileWomen's LrgCorset lacing on back, thigh length19.009695
Hot Leathersunlined, 2 snaps leftChapsblackLeather27" ThighBraiding details, unlined, rose insert, lacing at upper thigh, double belt, studding detail149.009696
GS ProShortiesGlovesblackMixed textile - leatherMen's lrgHand armor across knuckles, wear to fingers, reinforced palm15.009676
hjcff cL-16Helmetblackmed2010, pinlock-ready visor75.009697
FIRST GEARtouring lengthJacketblackTextilelrg womensall armor, no liner135.009698
iconmerc womensJacketwhiteTextilewomens lrgelastic goring sides. Some slight staining of white125.009699
teknicridingPantsblackMesh Textile34hard knees, soft hips, mild pilling. With liner.109.009700
teknicridingPantsblackMesh Textile44hard knees, soft hips, With liner.119.009701
first gearTANK BAG extra fancyBaggageblackTextilelrgmagnetic base, zip off bag, hidden backpack straps.135.009702
cortechgauntletsGlovesblackLeatherlrg mhydro-repellent, mostly!. Armour. Race quality.89.009703
alpinestarsknee protectors hard externalArmorblacksm / medone pair.45.009704
danierfashion plsuJacketbrownLeathermed mcrackle finish lightweight leather. Furry collar and winter-zip-in add-on.79.009705
bobsterGLASSESAccessoryblackslight polarizing effect21.009706
daineseracingJacketblackLeathermedsome gentle scuffs. Elbows and shoulders.179.009707
danierjeanjacket-style leatherJacketblackLeathertagged med fits men's lrgbutton-up. Cute!149.009708
rsd rubber side downriding PERFJacketblackLeather44 (long body)all armor, liner299.009709
rsd rubber side downridingPantsblackLeather34all armor169.009710
Dr Martens8-holeBootsredLeather8.5 WDrawn & painted on279.009711
rm williams (blundstone)romeo, with stack heelBootsbrownLeather39.5leather sole.55.009712
Leather RanchFashionJacketblackLeatherSmall WCropped, short sleeves, metallic spider design & stud detailing99.009713
Leather RanchFashionSkirtblackLeather30" WaistGoes with 9713; same stud/rhinestone detailing etc89.009714
DR Leatherclassic biker plusJacketblackLeather44 regkhaki liner. Great leather. Brand new zipper.249.009715
XelementEngineer BootsBootsblackLeather39Oil tan leather, really fantastic condition129.009716
BelstaffRacingPantsblackLeather32" Waistripped pocket liner (easily fixable), puckable, also has pockets for hip and knee armor, goring in waist and hips219.009718
Joe RocketAlter Ego 11.0 TouringJacketredTextileWomen's SmallRain and thermal liner, zip out to mesh, all armor229.009719
Joe RocketAlter Ego 11.0 TouringJacketblackTextileMen's MedRain and thermal liner, zip out to mesh, all armor229.009720
HJCModularHelmetredOtherSmallManuf. 2011, bluetooth ready99.009721
HJCModularHelmetblackOtherSmallManuf. 2011, bluetooth ready, some scuffs and paint transfer89.009722
alpinestarsmeshJacketblackMesh Textilemed mall armor and liner145.009723
iconContra warm weather ridingJacketblackTextilemesh panels, all armor, liner145.009724
Hein GerickeBiker classicJacketblackLeather36 WomensVery thick leather, very vintage, key pocket, D-ring on chest219.009725
BristolUnlinedChapsblackLeather24" ThighDouble zippers, uncut,99.009726
Suzuki Hyper SportsVintageFull SuitredLeather42Hard armor in the knees, soft armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back, perforations behind the knee279.009727
Out of BoundsOverpantPantsblackLeather36" WaistLower leg snaps, upper leg zippers all the way off the waist, double thickness of leather on lower leg, brass hardware, custom made in Vietnam165.009728
Joe rocketOverpantPantsblackTextileMen's LrgKnee armor, hip padding, waterproof, full length side zips, button bottom120.009729
Joe Rocket BallisticRiding JacetJacketblackTextileMAll armor, full liner159.009730