East Side Re-Rides

How We Measure & Size items

We get items from everywhere and everywhen, with a thrilling but bewildering variety of shapes, designers and purposes. We measure our gear so that in-person shoppers know what they are mostly likely to want to try on, and so that online shoppers can tell whether something is in the right range for them.

  1. DO ask for follow-up measurements if you’re at all in doubt. We’re happy to run around with a tape measure and get extra info for you.
  2. DO measure your own favourite riding gear or clothing in the same way we measure ours, and compare!
  3. DON’T trust a size tag. Measuring is the way to go.

We try to get measurements as close to perfect as we can, but we are mere humans waving fistfuls of measuring tapes in a small, busy shop, and sometimes having to guess at vintage boots and clothes with long-gone tags. Perfection eludes us at times. If size is mission-critical, ask us to confirm.

– Rerides Staff

CLICK the TITLES below for full info about how we’re getting our measurements!

How we measure JACKETS

We measure JACKETS in INCHES at the CHEST

We do up the jacket and place it flat, and measure in inches across the armpits, and double that to get a chest measurement. Loose roomy fits (bombers) and tight slender fits (cafe racers) will measure and size a bit differently.

Once in a while, if we note a very long or short arm on a jacket, we might give a measurement from shoulder seam to end of cuff.

How we measure PANTS

We measure pants in INCHES, at the WAIST and at the SEAT


We do up the pants and place them flat, measure them in inches across the beltline, and double that. Fashion sizing is close but inaccurate, so always look for a different (cough**larger**cough) inch measurement than your current pant size tag hints at. Pants that belt low at your hips, and those that settle at a high waist will be very different inch measurements for a pant that’s the same sizing, so check your own waist circumference at a few different points, high and low, to get your range!


We do up the pants and stretch them flat, measure them across the widest part of the low hip / butt area, and then we double that. Riding pants should have room in the butt, because we need to sit comfortably. Compare your comfy pants, and not your most sleek fashionable jeans!

How we measure CHAPS

We measure CHAPS in INCHES at the upper THIGH.

We do up the chaps and place them flat, measure them in inches across the upper thigh, and double that. This is because chaps are often about 10″ adjustable at the waist, and are meant to be cut to length, and are fairly unisex. On the other hand (leg, I mean), chaps DO need to fit exactly at the upper thigh. No other measurement or “med /xl” style sizing would be meaningful. 
Do you carry your whole world in your jean pockets every day? Measure your leg while your pockets are stuffed!

How we measure VESTS

We do up the vest and place it flat, and measure in inches across the armpits, and double that to get a chest measurement.

How we size BOOTS

We convert all sizes of BOOTS to gender-neutral European size

We size boots by European sizes, because the changes-according-to-gender-of-wearer North American sizing is confusing to read on a tag, and we were noticing that shoppers were reading the “wrong” one of two sizes on a tag and passing over boots that would have fit them. (Womens 10.5, Men’s 9.25? Men’s 7, women’s 8.5? Makes your eyes cross, especially as everyone is pretty much looking for the same tough, functional boots.)

On the website, we’ll show all sizes, but in store, consult the cheatsheets hanging all over the boot room, get your one-number-fits-all euro size, and search by that.

BONUS FUN: How to read SIZE on our tags while shopping in-store

For jackets / vests etc, the three-part size goes like

  1. The size the garment thinks it is. The factory tag says…. “SM” or “LRG” etc
  2. The gender it’s marketed to “w” or “m”.
  3. The inch measurement around the CHEST … 36″

For pants, the same, but the measurement shown is at the waistband. Seat measurement will be in the body of the tag.

Boots are in Euro sizing (cheat sheets are hanging in the boot room).

Chaps are measured at upper thigh, in inches.

four rerides tags, shown as an example of how we list sizes and measurements