The cafe racer-style jacket with its own colour wheel.

The cafe racer-style jacket with its own colour wheel.

Once upon a time, a fashion designer and a motorcycle jacket maker met, and, like chocolate and peanut butter, they saw that, combined, their sartorial presentation would be mighty.

And so they made a selection of men’s jackets in every colour of the rainbow, and quite a few colours that were never in any rainbow you ever saw.

And some time after the fashion shows and general furor died down, a handful of these jackets landed in my store. The red and black one didn’t even rest on the counter before going to its forever home. The banana yellow one? Took a few days but it went. The lime green one? Sold after some careful consideration, and an emergency spousal opinion video call.

And now there is one. One color left of all this line.

It’s lilac. And dusty rose. With bubblegum pink logo embroidery.

Made for manly-type fashion models to wear on a runway, it’s shaped in a very masculine way. Long arms, broad shoulders, trim waist.

Are you the manly-shaped human for this jacket?

Bian Variani, NEW, Fits a men’s 44 / large (or a size 46 tall and slender), perfect body-hugging cafe-style motorcycle-ready construction. Here you see it on our model Paul, who is tall, and in these pictures looks like a prevaricator. (He can lilac anything.)

Thanks, Paul!

#3424, $159 in nicely coloured Canadian money

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